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Let’s burst your cookware myths OR Ask us what you want to know!

Here we are to help you burst your cookware myths and help you outfit your kitchen.

1. Non-stick surfaces aren’t safe. Is that true?
Are you living in the 90’s? Are you still using sticky cooking tools? Are they still a part of your kitchen set?

The non-stick coating used in cookware items are made without PFOA and are approved to be safe by the FDA. Most importantly, unlike other ceramic coatings, they don’t wear away after every single use.

2. Is it difficult to take care of expensive cookware sets?

People purchase premium cookeries for better cooking and good user-experience. The products designed by GLOBE makes it easy for customers to keep their dishes safe and ensures a longer durability as they are made from rust-resistant and high-quality metals.

3. How do I know the right time to buy a new cookware?

Purchasing premium quality kitchenware used to be a decision only by the ones who have heavy pockets, but that ends with GLOBE. Right from a simple kadai to an entire kitchenware set – a new revolution awaits in your kitchen with GLOBE.

4. Do I really need to spend so much on buying a cookware?

With GLOBE, you really don’t have to. Each product comes with a premium quality. What will matter to you at the end of the day is your investment changing the way you cook your meals & how you enjoy it!

5. After purchase, who is going to solve my queries?

Unlike other brands, GLOBE aims at supporting you in the long run right after your purchase. We’re here to help you in every step before and after purchase.

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