Over the past few years, Globe Kitchenware has emerged as one of the preferred kitchen appliances companies catering to the needs of a homemaker in the country. Our products are built on the pillars of quality and durability, making the brand the preferred choice among millions. Our cookware is specially handcrafted with the highest grade of aluminum with impeccable attention to detail. Versatility is what is focused upon for the cookware which is compatible with both stove tops and induction cooktop. The designs of the products are well thought through and tested to establish the highest quality control which is trusted by millions of users.

The wide range of ergonomic designs with beautifully hand- finished exteriors and heat resistant handles give a perfect cooking experience that is worth showing off.

Our Expertise

Globe Kitchenware is a unique combination of meticulous engineering, design and innovation. With a team of over 600 employees who are trained on a regular basis, we are whole-heartedly devoted to the continuous research and development to constantly upgrade the product line and deliver consistent value to our beloved consumers.

The presence of a vast and strong distribution channel ensures the availability of wide product range and top notch post sale service to the customers through highly skilled and professionally trained personnel.

Our products are ISO 2347:2017 certified and each product of our innovative Kitchen Essentials Range passes through three strict quality checks before reaching the homes of multiple families.

Products we deliver

With our products you get:

  • ISI MARK: Our products confirm to the Indian standards (IS) mentioned by Indian Standard Institute which means the cookware range has passed through each quality and standard check.

  • ANTI- BULGING: The anti- bulge technology comes with triple layer base which makes it sturdy and helps retain shape.

  • Anti-Corrosion: The anti-corrosion technology protects the cookware form wearing out due to long duration of cooking and high temperatures.

  • Anti-Toxic: The cookware range is made from high grade aluminum which does not react with acidic food and make it completely safe for consumption.

  • Greblon Non-Stick German Technology: The German technology makes our cookware sturdy and durable.

  • PFOA free: All our cookware range is PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) i.e. while manufacturing the products PFOA is not used making the cookware non-toxic and safe to cook.

  • Induction Base: Induction base heats the vessel through radiation or thermal conduction from an electrical heating element. All induction base cookware is made up of ferrous metal such as cast iron or some stainless steels.

  • Riveted handles: Rivets and welds is the most popular choices for fastening the handles into the cookware. Rivets are made of aluminum or steel and welds are made by melting two pieces of metal. This technique makes the handles long lasting and gives it a superior grip.

  • Hard Anodized: Hard anodization is an electro-chemical process. It hardens the aluminum making it 30% harder than stainless steel. Hard anodized cookware is abrasion and corrosion resistant which gives it a non- porous and smooth finish and long life.