Everything you need to know about Globe Pressure Cooker

With an attractive combination of price, benefits & features, GLOBE’s pressure cookers are one amongst the largest selling brands. Introduced to the market in the 21st Century, the product has been kept up-to date by numerous technological innovations and improvements. It has a superior pressure regulating system that controls the pressure to a narrower and more efficient range therefore reducing sprouting of foods such as dal.

It is an easy-to-use utensil that has a safety valve located under the lid handle bar. The user’s safety is the priority while handling the cooker as the steam is safely defected downwards. It’s fixed sturdy pivot does not put pressure on the plastic handles. The pivot is a part of the metal handle itself which lasts longer. It is highly recommended for use on gas stoves as well as a few are made to be used even on induction top.

How to open the pressure cooker?

  1. Squeeze the handles together
  2. Release the latch
  3. Lower lid slightly. Push towards the short handle
  4. Move the handle slowly in a 5’o clock position.
  5. Raise the lid edge out
  6. Keep going to 3’o clock position
  7. Remove the lid out towards you

How to close the pressure cooker?

  1. Place lid handle at 3’o clock position
  2. Push the lid edge into cooker towards short handle
  3. Move the handle to 5’o clock position and lower the lid into the cooker
  4. Rest the lid handle on the body handle
  5. Centralise lid
  6. Squeeze the handles together and latch it

Care & Cleaning the pressure cooker:

  1. Do not wash pressure cooker or any of its parts in a dishwasher.
  2. Always dry every surface of the cooker soon after usage & washing. If the food is not removed properly, the utensil might corrode.
  3. Wash the cookware with mild soap or detergent and a cloth or sponge.
  4. Carefully remove the sealing ring when washing the lid.
  5. Clean the area between the lid and lid handle bar with a brush if required.
  6. Always ensure and check that the steam vent is clear after rinsing. If it remains clogged, then clean by pushing a wire and rinse it with water.

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