Is material a concern for you while purchasing?

Is material concern for you while purchasing?

Hey, are you looking forward to upgrading your kitchen set by replacing it with the ones which will add to the aesthetics of your kitchen? Purchasing might be an enjoyable experience for you, but the variety available in the market might be a challenge.

If you are looking for your first purchase of a kadai or handi set or any other cookware item or thinking of replacing it with a new one, then the following are the five material qualities you need to consider before making a choice because “Material always matters.”

After knowing what one wants, the next key concern is which material to choose. The mainstream ones: aluminium, anodized, cast iron, copper, enamel, stainless steel or non-stick.

Why material is a matter of concern? – It because of Heat Conductivity. Every metal has different heat transferable performance or ability to react to temperature changes. Few metals are better heat conductors than the rest. Some take a quicker time to heat than the rest.

  1. Copper: Yes, the priciest one! A highly conductive material. Temperature control is a must if you are planning to make delicate sauces.
  2. Aluminium: It is also a great conductive metal when it comes to cooking. It keeps the heat temperature last longer and is often blended with other metals, such as copper or stainless.
  3. Stainless Steel: Because of its affordability and performance factor, it is to be found in most of the cookware tools.  Using a scratch and abrasion resistant technology, it is a primary classic metal.
  4. Cast Iron: The oldest yet the most used one till date! It holds heat in a tremendously good manner. Purchase it for durable and long-lasting performance in your kitchen set.
  5.  Anodized Aluminium: Harder and darker, non-porous and durable – Anodized aluminium cooking tools are the new trends of cooking tools.

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