Know the Myths & Facts of Non-Stick Cookware

Are you someone looking to buy a non-stick cookware but an array of precautions, dreadful anecdotes and myths, deter your desire? We are here to burst the myths that have been bugging your minds for years now.

Non Stick is No Safe- Wrong. Non-stick is assuringly safe. Non-stick cookware is completely non-reactive to any kind of food. It can be used to prepare all types of savoury, saucy and healthy dishes with almost no oil. Make sure to check always before buying that it must be PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) free, lead-free and cadmium free and has to be approved an established food regulatory such as FSSAI. (Food Safety and Security Authority of India)

Non Stick is Expensive- Wrong. Non-stick cookware is not always expensive. It is available in varied price ranges. Certainly, the cost is defined by the type of material they are made up of, the durability they offer, extent of heat conductivity and their construction. So, in general if you buy a renowned non-stick cookware, it might cost you a bit but be assured that its worth the price.

Non Stick Coats Wear Off Easily- Wrong. It’s made to resist chipping, peeling and flaking, your non-stick coat will not wear off so easily. Also, some coats stand out with their durability. You can always check what coat your pan has. Though some coats can wear off easily even in the first month, there are also certain names that have gathered a reputation and belief of the consumers with their long-lasting durability.

All Non-Stick Coatings are the Same- Wrong. All non-stick coatings are not same. The quality of the coating determines the longevity of the coatings. The longevity also depends on factors upon how you treat and care about the cookware you use. Caring about the vessels increases its longevity and durability.

There are a lot of Do’s and Don’ts with Non Stick Coating. It’s High Maintenance- Absolutely not! It’s easy to maintain with just cleaning, washing and drying, to make amazing dishes without a drop of oil, scratch resistant and even heat distribution makes it the most versatile cookware in the kitchen. It’s a cookware that requires the lowest amount of maintenance.

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