Pressure cooker: The magic pot of cooking

Whether you are a chef or a foodie, or just a person wandering around the kitchen in boredom, you can never miss what an old reliable pressure cooker looks like. The pressure cooker is the mainstay of every Indian kitchen, so much so that it’s the first recommended cookware by Indian mothers.

A quintessential pressure cooker should be easy to handle, durable, safe to use and multipurpose. Globe’s aluminum and steel pressure cooker range is just that and many things more. With a capacity of 1.5 to 7.5 L, Globe pressure cookers can be used by any kind of household. Made from high quality hard anodized aluminum and food grade steel, Globe pressure cookers are completely safe to cook in. An anti-bulging base and sturdy riveted handles double checks its long lasting durability. The material ensures even distribution of heat that cooks food properly and fast for healthy and fresh meals.

Every Globe pressure cooker is made of food grade metal and rubber that is enforced in non-corrosive technology. This means your favorite meals are consistent in quality and safety every day. The material is totally non-reactive and does what it is supposed to do: cook. A pressure locked safety lid ensures that you are safe while cooking for your family.

From your favourite biriyani to a great bowl of pancharatna dal, a pressure cooker cake or an evening snack of pav bhaji, Globe pressure cookers are the multitaskers you need in your kitchen to cook what your heart desires.

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