The GLOBE’s Handi is a modern version of the original traditional Indian cooking utensil which is used for less-water & flavourful cooking. It is modified with the latest technological advancements and comes with a lid that holds water on the top as well as on its underneath surface that condenses the steam that arises from the simmering food in the Handi. The reverse taper of this aesthetically designed cookware permits water droplets to fall directly on the food being cooked inside Handi therefore, making the food moister and more delicious.

This stylish container is made to be an excellent addition to your kitchen rack. The rust-free metal of this Handi makes it great for regular use and will serve you for years down the lane. GLOBE, not only offers a durable cookware product, but also the one that comes to you with add on benefits. It offers you warranty and comes with a PFOA free coating which ensures you a healthy cooking.  The bottom of the utensil allows faster heating which in turn saves fuel, and makes work more efficient and swifter. This cookware can be used to cook and directly serve. It will not bend or have any dents if used on a daily basis. This exotic silver shining handi is highly durable and is easy to clean and maintain.

Let’s look at “How to use it?”

Remove Adhesives: Remove the stickers/labels attached to the utensil. Use baby or vegetable oil to do so. Wash the utensil in hot water with detergent or mild soap, rinse in clean water and pat dry.

Appropriate & Suitable Heat Sources: The cookware can be used on domestic gas stoves as well as induction top. But do not use it on a coal fire or any other source that cannot be regulated. Also, ensure that the pan surface is free of dirt and grease.

Heat Regulation: Keep a check on the heat conductivity, do not loose track of time or else the cookware would become too hot for cooking. To achieve good results, regulate the heat used. You will have to adjust the times and settings to suit your stove. For best cooking results, adjust the heat so that cooking times cuts down. Excessive heat might cause sticking and burning of the food, it might also waste fuel.

Avoid scratching: Do not use a knife or any other sharp object on the cookware. Do not drop it or bang it. The plastic handles and the glass lids can break under a sharp or forceful blow. Always handle with care! Do not drag it across the supports, lift it for movement.

Now let’s talk about how the “Care & Cleaning” part of the cookware.

  1. Do not handle the cookware products with hands, use napkin or cloth for your own safety.
  2. Wipe off the extra residual oil with napkin or tissue paper immediately after cooking.
  3. Wash all the surfaces of the cookware in hot water with mild soap or detergent and a sponge
  4. Always let the utensils cool before washing them in water
  5. Dry the cookware with a soft clean cloth

Happy Cooking with GLOBE!

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