How to deep clean your kitchen with the right tips

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Your kitchen is the soul of your home and some way or the other, the whole family’s life revolves around it. A place where not just food is made but also festivals are celebrated, where important occasions are ushered in, where the family’s wishes are fulfilled, and above all where the entire family’s nourishment needs are taken care of.

Therefore, it is necessary that the kitchen is kept clean and hygienic all the time so that the food that is cooked there is clean, safe, hygienic, and healthy.

Apart from the routine clean-up that you do for your kitchen which includes wiping off the cooktops and the tables, cleaning the stoves and ovens, cleaning out the daily use cookware and crockery; it is important that the kitchen is cleaned deeply from time to time. Deep cleaning the kitchen frees it from built-up grime and dust as well as gets rid of any pests and insects that might be jeopardizing the health of your cooking area.

For deep cleaning your cooking place, you need to clean not only your kitchenware and stoves but also the floors, curtains, glass tops and chimney. Deep cleaning your kitchen can be a tedious and time taking process but it is also a very satisfying process where the end result will leave your kitchen spic and span and delight you.

But like every other work that reaps great results, the process of deep cleaning also takes a lot of effort. Globe Kitchenware is here to help out with some tips on how to productively clean and tidy your kitchen for the new year.

  1. Clean the walls-

If walls had eyes, the kitchen walls would be seeing a lot of cooking and that would involve watching a lot of oil being splashed around, spices flying here and there, the heat turning up. All these actions lead to a build up of grime and dirt on the walls which is difficult to get off the kitchen tiles. When you are deep cleaning, start with dusting off the corners and sides of the wall for any spider webs, then clean off the tiles with a multipurpose kitchen cleaner which is tough on stains but gentle on your walls. Wipe off your switchboards with slightly damp clothes and avoid cleaning them with direct water and soap. Clean your door knobs and windows with glass cleaners like Colin.

  • Clean the ceiling fans

When you are cleaning the walls do not forget to pay attention to the ceiling and the ceiling fan. Dust off the ceiling and clean the ceiling fan with soap and water to get those shiny blades. This not only helps you improve the air quality around you but also decreases the dust around you. While you are at it change any light fixtures that are non-functional now and need replacement.

  • Wash the drapes and curtains-

The drapes and curtains in the kitchen have a tendency to become dirtier by the day with the build up of oil and dirt. They need to be cleaned in a way that gets rid of all the dirt and oil in them and for that you need to soak them in warm water and soap solution so that the dirt and grime come off easily. Use bleach for stubborn stains and wash them thoroughly to get rid of any remaining stains. You can also get new draperies to replace old and discoloured curtains. This will also give your kitchen a new look and make it refreshing to work in it.

  • Deep clean your oven-

Ovens are crucial for baking and cooking and every kitchen has an oven or microwave oven in it. While it is used daily, it is important that the oven is cleaned now and then. To properly clean an oven, use a paste of baking soda and water and coat it on the floor of the oven. Do not put it on bare metal surfaces and the oven door. 

Let the paste rest overnight and scrape it off the next day and wash it off with water to get a thoroughly cleaned oven.  For your microwave, steam clean it with lemons and water. Put cut pieces of lemons inside a bowl of water and microwave it for three minutes. Then let it sit inside the microwave for another 5 minutes so that the steam loosens all the grime that has been inside the microwave since its last clean.

It will make it easier for the microwave to become clean easily.

  • Clean and reorganise your fridge-

When cleaning your kitchen, you cannot miss out on cleaning the fridge because it is where all your raw materials and cooked food are stored. This is why it is important to clean the fridge in a hygienic way that does not affect the quality of the food stored.

It is not judicious to clean the fridge with just about any detergent as a detergent can leave residue that might not be safe. Instead, use a simple paste of baking soda and hot water to clean your fridge of any food stains and stale smells. After cleaning out the fridge, reorganise your fridge. Put a turntable inside your fridge where you can store a lot of stuff without much hassle. Use stackable glass storage boxes to store food and meal preps in advance and stock up your fridge well.

As a cookware brand that deals with non-stick, aluminium and steel cookware, Globe Kitchenware is closely involved with the kitchens of India. We understand the need of clean kitchens for the health of families associated with us. We produce safe, hygienic and high standard cookware that are not only food grade but are safe to use and make cooking a joy.

The kitchen is your own place of cooking experiments and this new year, not only should you try new recipes with Globe Kitchenware but give your kitchen a cleaner, fresher look with tips from our trusted cookware brand. Tailormade for Indian kitchens, we care for the health of millions of Indians.

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