The top 5 food trends for your family in 2020

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As the world shifted its gear to a more individualistic approach to health and wellness in 2020, one important aspect of health also saw new trends in the current year. As consumers took a break from work and focused more on self-improvement, food also moved from being better to choose what works best for a person. People moved from eating out, snacking fast food to finding healthier alternatives to fast food that can be prepared at home and enjoyed with family. As people stayed inside and had ample time in their hands for the most part of 2020, people started experimenting with food and started discovering the joy of self-cooked food and home-cooked meals. 

Whether it was switching to immunity boosting meals or rediscovering family recipes, experimenting with them introducing a modern twist to age old recipes of India, or it was about learning to cook for the first time; Globe kitchenware witnessed food trends being created and changed across kitchens of India.

As India rediscovered its love for food again in the long lockdown, here is a list of the most popular food trends Globe Kitchenware saw across regions of India.

  1. Eating well

 Food is often seen as a medicine in ancient scriptures of Ayurveda. India went back to the pages of Ayurveda to understand the need to eat well, holistically balanced meals to keep diseases like COVID 19 at bay. Focus moved from eating tasty delicacies to healthy and beneficial ones that may or may not taste good. The people are growing more conscious of what goes into their body and consciously choose healthy and nutritious recipes for meals. They are more aware of the ingredients that go into a meal, choosing the good nutrients while reducing the bad nutrients in a meal while micromanaging a meal

2. Being aware of the composition of foods and beverages

As there is a trend towards choosing a healthier lifestyle, the consumer foods and beverages that are directly bought from the market are also preferred with a balanced and healthy composition. Beverages and food with high fibre quantity, supporting a high protein diet or fortified with omega 3, antioxidants and probiotics are preferred to keep gut and over all health at its peak. Even in raw ingredients, use of healthier and lighter oils than the usual vegetable oil and butter is preferred. Green tea is preferred more than the conventional tea for its detoxifying properties and Sea salt is used for seasoning for its balanced sodium composition, supporting heart health. People are starting to replace refined sugar with natural sweeteners to increase the health quotient of their everyday meals. If you are cooking with Globe non stick cookware, then using a light oil like olive oil might just be a healthier way of life and replacing your refined sugar with plant derived stevia may be a step towards decreasing your vulnerability towards diabetes, a disease quite prevalent in India.

3. Eating Superfoods-

As work life balance hung in a precarious balance in the lockdown, people started looking for nutritionally packed meals that could make up for any deficiency caused by a topsy turvy schedule. Enter, the top tier of foods that can be eaten by man- superfoods.

Packing a powerful punch of high nutrient content and composed of the essential macronutrients and micronutrients needed by the human body, superfoods are the modern man’s multivitamins. Only you are not taking them as pills but using superfood ingredients in meals. Superfoods have a high protein, vitamin and mineral content, so they can be the right supplement to your diet. Superfoods have always been around us but it is only recently that superfoods like leafy greens, Kale, Avocado, turmeric, goji berries and goose berries are being proactively used in meals every day. What makes it easy for Indians to eat these superfoods is the fact that the rich turmeric or goose berries have been used in Indian cuisine since a long time and the population did not have to adapt drastically to this trend. So, the next time you want to eat some Palak Paneer or some Amla ka Murabba, go ahead and cook it with your favourite Globe kitchenware range and relish it without guilt. Exotic food ingredients like manuka, mushrooms, acerola and lingonberries are not only used in meals, but have started entering the market as munchable snacks, so you can snack healthy on the go.

4. Mentally fortifying foods-

As India spent more and more time in isolation and inside homes, cutting most of their social ties and reducing social interactions, the fact that man is a social animal went up for a challenge. Amidst such a situation, mental health and psychological wellbeing took the spotlight in India. In its quest to staying mentally strong and sound, India discovered the role of wholesome meals in taking care of your mind space. As stress levels increased, Indians increased the intake of stress-relieving foods and looked for satisfaction in the eating experience. Work from home schedules and dealing with all the challenges the pandemic threw on people affected the alertness levels and brain health of people. To protect themselves from the ill effects of stress, people chose to eat mentally energizing foods. They increased the intake of herbs such as Brahmi, ashwagandha, nuts like almonds and teas like chamomile and lavender which help in relieving stress and deal with insomnia.  Next time you see an office goer take out a Globe saucepan to make some quick chamomile tea, do not stand surprised, rather take a cup yourself.

5. The return of Ghar ka Khaana-

If the previous years were about the rise of fast food and takeout, 2020 was all about reconnecting with that fragrant maa ki daal and methi ke parathe. As professionals posted away from home returned and eating from outside was an open invitation for COVID 19 to enter your body and home, people took to cooking at home, taking a leaf out of their mothers’ cookbook, quite literally. Still luckier were those who enjoyed the simpler pleasures of life with ‘Maa ke haath ka Khaana’. From your grandmother’s kadha to your family recipe of the simple khichdi, every kitchen secret came in handy.

We saw mothers going all out to cook delectable spreads for their families with Globe Kitchen cookware range and homecooked food was one of the highlights of an otherwise gloomy pandemic. This pandemic, which dominated most of the year 2020, people rediscovered the importance of delicacies and family and also returned to their roots of healthy delicacies.

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