Top seven Christmas recipes to try this winter

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Christmas is just round the corner and this festival of kindness and camaraderie is celebrated with enthusiasm and fervour around the country. Since India is a multicultural country, people of different religions stay together in harmony and festivals around the country, irrespective of their religion, are celebrated with a feeling of community.

Christmas is a festival of charity and happiness. The festival of Christmas is supposed to be celebrated with close friends and family and signifies the feeling of warmth and happiness that stays with us all through the next year.

No Christmas night is complete without a feast on tasty and fulfilling dishes cooked to perfection. A Christmas feast with the family will not only leave you with a full belly but also an abundance of memories that will be with you forever.

When it’s a festival, we know your kitchen becomes more active and you start searching for new mouth-watering recipes to make for your special evening. On your Christmas evening too, Globe kitchenware will be there to help you cook your best dishes to impress your guests. Along with the best kitchenware solutions for your kitchen, Globe Kitchenware offers you the 7 classic Christmas recipes to make for your Christmas feast.

  1. Plum cake-
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An English medieval recipe that has stood the test of time and has evolved into a tasty classic to be shared and eaten with friends on a Christmas night, Plum cake is a classic fruitcake that has traveled around the world from England and every country has its own version of this delicious dessert. Traditionally made with plums and raisins, it can also be made with other dry fruits and nuts. A version of the plum cake might include plums soaked in rum for about a month which renders them the perfect punch of acidity and softness to be used in making the spongy cake. You can make a plum cake in the oven, but in case your kitchen does not have an oven, go for an easy cooker recipe to be made with the Globe Kitchenware pressure cooker range.

  • The classic eggnog
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The classic Christmas drink made with milk, cream and eggs, the eggnog can be made raw or cooked depending on your tastes. Made with milk, eggs, sugar and cream, the adult version of eggnog might include a dash of rum or bourbon.

The eggnog is made with whisked cream, milk and eggs and seasoned with light spices like cinnamon or vanilla. This 19th century drink includes gelatine in its modern version to recreate the creamy texture of the original eggnog.

If you have an aversion to raw eggs, you can choose to go for the cooked version which can be easily made with a Globe Kitchenware saucepan. The milk and cream can be warmed over the fire in a saucepan and egg yolks are folded into the warm mixture slowly to get the eggnog texture right. The warm version of eggnog might be served immediately or can be cooled down for 2-3 days and served cold.

  • Christmas cookies-
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No Christmas is complete without a treat of warm and fresh cookies right out of the oven. Whether it’s the traditional butter cookies or the fancier chocolate chip cookies, you can choose the right cookie flavour for your tastes and bake them in batches.

The best thing about Christmas cookies is that these sweet treats can be saved for later and munched on after Christmas to remind you of its sweetness. Christmas cookies are the perfect way to usher in the festive season and will make you want to put your baker’s hat on.

  •  Gingerbread cookies-
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The classic Christmas shortbread or gingerbread are the perfect cookies to celebrate Christmas with. The gingerbread cookies have a shot of ginger which gives the cookies a warm aftertaste and helps you recover from pangs of cold during the harsh winter night.

Made with butter, molasses and ginger, the shortbread cookies can also have chocolate as an ingredient. You can make these as cut outs of gingerbread men for your kids or make large batches of them to create gingerbread houses with your little ones.

Baking gingerbread and building gingerbread houses can be a fun activity for your family at Christmas.

  • Mince Pie-
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Mince pies or mincemeat pies are pies filled with different fillings and are often called Christmas pies. Originally made in England, mince pies were supposed to be the sign of Christ’s birth.

The original mince pies were bigger but the modern pies are made smaller for convenience in eating.

The mince pies have thick fillings of mixed fruit and mixed fruit jams and different dry fruits to make them tastier and baked in pastry to create the perfect fluffy mince pie to be eaten on Christmas night.

  • Pork Vindaloo
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Originally brought into the Goan cuisine by Portuguese explorers, Vindaloo is said to be spelt as Vindalho but it became Vindaloo due to the Indian usage of Aloo or potato.

The Vindaloo has distinct Portuguese influences and is kept as a secret recipe for Christmas in Goa.

The Vindaloo is a fiery spicy meat curry that is usually cooked with pork but can also be cooked with chicken if you are less adventurous regarding your taste in meats. Packed with spices of the south and cooked to perfection with soft tender meat, the vindaloo will be the perfect curry to cook with your Globe Kitchenware Kadhai which will balance out the sweeter desserts of the feast.

  • Sanna
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The dish of Pork Vindaloo needs rice or bread to be eaten with it and Sanna is a Konkani spongy rice cake that balances the spice of Vindaloo with its notes of sweetness.

The spongy texture of Sanna soaks in the curry and is the perfect pairing with your Vindaloo. Sanna can be eaten with either the Vindaloo or sambhar and chutney and can be the right bread to eat on your Christmas night.

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